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Whether you’re looking for ceramic braces, Invisalign, or classic metal braces, Lazzara Orthodontics can transform your smile with premium orthodontic options and a warm and patient-friendly atmosphere.

Creating Bigger and Better Smiles Every Day

At Lazzara Orthodontics, we specialize in creating remarkable smiles for our patients. Correcting a smile promotes the long-term health of the gums, jaw, and teeth. We want to help people of all ages achieve a beautiful and lasting smile that improves their appearance and boosts their self-esteem.

A misaligned bite — sometimes called a “bad bite” — refers to having an irregular bite pattern when your teeth come together. Having a misaligned bite leads to many problems, including headaches, missing teeth, uneven wear, and damage to your teeth. A bad bite impacts your wellbeing and affects your appearance. If you have teeth that are protruding, crowded, or crooked, orthodontic treatment can help you. Even if your front teeth appear aligned, there may be underlying problems you cannot see.

During your consultation, we will evaluate your condition and help you understand your options with an honest and thorough assessment. Your free consultation covers the cost of images of your teeth. We will use these images to show you exactly how Lazzara Orthodontics can upgrade your smile.

Many Types of Fantastic Orthodontic Treatment Near You

At Lazzara Orthodontics, we’re not about fitting round pegs into square holes. As a provider of premium orthodontic service, we offer many types of treatments. Depending on your condition and goals, you may need a different treatment. We offer many types of treatment, including:



Invisalign, and other clear aligners, let you correct your smile without brackets and wires. Plus, they’re easy to clean, maintain, and require less frequent in-person visits.

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Ceramic Braces

The translucent ceramic material of Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Braces from 3M blends with your teeth and resists staining and discoloration throughout your treatment. Plus, ceramic braces have a small, low-profile design, which makes them virtually unnoticeable. Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Braces are perfect for patients of any age who are looking for the confidence and freedom to smile on any occasion.

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Traditional Braces

These classic braces are a great way to straighten your teeth. And they’re more convenient and gentle than ever before.

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Early Treatment

Also known as phase one treatment, early treatment can intercept developing problems that —if left untreated —will become much worse in adolescence.

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Preserve Your New Gorgeous Smile

After you finish your orthodontic treatment, it’s important that you wear a retainer. A retainer will help you maintain your full smile. Without a retainer, your teeth will shift back to their pre-treatment position. After investing in your smile, that’s the last thing you want.

There are many types of retainers to help you maintain your brilliant full smile.

Removable Retainers

Most patients only need to wear their retainers a few nights a week. Most of our patients wear retainers that look like a clear “Invisalign-type” aligner. During your first year of having a retainer, you’ll need to come in for about three check-ups, although some of these visits can be virtual appointments.

Fixed Retainers

Patients who had extremely crowded teeth may need a fixed retainer placed in their mouths. Because upper retainers are less predictable, we usually place fixed retainers on the lower teeth only.

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Get the Best Orthodontic Care Near You

At Lazzara Orthodontics, we know how much our patients value their smiles. You can rest assured that our team prioritizes delivering the highest level of care for all of our patients. As the area’s leader in orthodontic care, we can help you complete your smile journey.

But we go beyond the plain old open-close-open-close protocol of check-ups. We’re the kind of people who will give you a warm hello at the grocery store. And we deck out our offices with a relaxed vibe that emphasizes your comfort with fun, games, and refreshments. It’s all part of what makes us such a highly-rated orthodontist.

Start your smile journey today! Book an appointment now to learn more about the life-changing options available at Lazzara Orthodontics.

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