Traditional Metal Braces Treatment

Getting a beautiful smile is easier than ever. Traditional metal braces offer a stylish way to achieve a happier and healthier smile. Start unlocking the perks of a more confident smile by booking an appointment with Lazzara Orthodontics today! 

What Are Traditional Braces?

Traditional braces are a tried and true method of tooth alignment. They use metal brackets that adhere to your teeth and connect with a metal archwire secured in place with elastic bands. By using pressure, your teeth gradually move into ideal alignment.

Traditional metal braces are smaller and more comfortable than ever before, thanks to recent orthodontic technology developments. Modern braces are made of titanium and surgical stainless steel that can handle the demands of anyone’s lifestyle. 

Tooth and jaw alignment issues can contribute to plaque buildup, potentially leading to tooth decay or periodontal disease later in life. Overbites and underbites make dental injuries more likely and cause long-term damage to the teeth and gums.  

If you’re looking to upgrade your smile, traditional metal braces are a proven method for correcting crooked teeth, jaw issues, and misaligned bites. Braces improve your dental health and can even help prevent future dental problems.

Are Traditional Braces Right For Me?

Traditional metal braces are usually the best option for people with severe misalignments. Metal braces can fix a wider variety of orthodontic problems such as overly crowded teeth, so they are often a great choice to address these types of concerns. 

Lazzara Orthodontics is proud to offer many varieties of orthodontic appliances. Whether you need traditional metal braces, Clear Braces, or Invisalign, Dr. Lazzara has unmatched experience helping people from all walks of life achieve exceptional results. 

The best way to know if traditional braces are right for you is to book a free consultation. During your appointment, our staff will take diagnostic screenings and discuss your best treatment options.

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Benefits of Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are the gold standard for fixing a wide array of minor and severe misalignment problems. Plus, with technological advances over the years, braces are more comfortable to wear than ever.

Since metal braces are not removable, they are working around the clock to straighten teeth, making treatment reliable and more efficient. Metal braces are also often a more affordable option for many people. 

While metal braces often get a bad rap for being clunky and noticeable, modern metal braces are more inconspicuous than ever. They can also be a stylish accessory to your look! The elastics that secure the wire in place come in many different colors to customize your appearance. 

It’s never too late to start your smile journey. If you’re interested in learning more about your orthodontic options, schedule an appointment with Lazzara Orthodontics today!

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If you are interested in metal braces treatment, schedule a free consultation to see if you are an ideal candidate. Dr. Lazzara is ready to guide you on your journey to achieve a straighter smile. Book an appointment today!

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