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Permanent Retainers

Permanent or fixed retainers are a special type of retainer that provides non-stop retention. These appliances are made with a durable material that can stand up to the demands of almost any busy life. 

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What Is a Permanent Retainer?

Retainer wear keeps your smile in its ideal position. You will need to wear a retainer after finishing your initial orthodontic treatment. Teeth without retainers are at risk of relapsing to their before-treatment alignment. We offer permanent and removable retainers. 

A permanent retainer is bonded onto your lower front teeth. This is why it is sometimes called “a bonded retainer”. This way, the appliance provides round-the-clock retention without interfering with your daily life. 

The bonded retainer will stay in place for at least two years after completing braces treatment. If your family dentist has not noted problems with tartar buildup, Dr. Lazzara may recommend keeping the retainer in place. 

Benefits of Permanent Retainers

There are many options for your retention experience. While permanent retainers provide great results in certain cases, Dr. Lazzara reserves recommending these appliances to patients with significant lower teeth crowding.

Some of the benefits of permanent retainers include: 
  • Minimized risk of relapse.
  • Uninterrupted retention. 
  • Doesn’t interfere with speech
Learn more about your retainer options during your free consultation
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What To Expect With A Permanent Retainer

An essential thing to know about any orthodontic treatment is that each requires cleaning and care. Permanent retainers are no exception. Because permanent retainers are always in your mouth, they can become a trouble spot for tartar and plaque build-up. 

Following a few simple cleaning and care steps can help you avoid dental issues or tooth decay.

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What If Your Permanent Retainer Breaks Or Comes Loose?

Permanent retainers are strong orthodontic appliances that stabilize your smile. However, it is not unheard of for permanent retainers to break or come loose. 
If your permanent retainer breaks, do not try to fix it yourself. Acting quickly and having a professional repair the appliance may help cut down your overall damage. Call Lazzara Orthodontics at (904) 270-8750 as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. 

Permanent Retainers For People in Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Vedra/Nocatee

Regular retainer use helps keep your smile looking fantastic. If properly taken care of, a permanent retainer can be an effective method of retention. Whether you need a permanent retainer or a removable retainer — all of our patients enjoy a premium orthodontic experience. 

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