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How To Clean And Care For Your Invisalign®

One of Invisalign’s benefits is that you can easily remove your aligners. This freedom lets you enjoy meals without having to interrupt your lifestyle. While Invisalign doesn’t force you to alter your routine, getting the most out of your treatment requires adding a few steps to your regular brushing routine.

How to Clean Invisalign

Performing some light maintenance can help improve your results. For example, removing leftover food particles that can get stuck in the aligner between meals may help you avoid complications like tooth decay and bad breath. Plus, you can do some simple steps to prepare for any eventuality while you are an Invisalign user. 

It only takes a few minutes to clean your Invisalign aligners. Scrub your aligners twice a day each time you brush your teeth.

The best way to clean Invisalign is as follows:


Turn on your faucet and adjust the temperature, so it’s not too cold or hot.


Take the aligner out of your mouth and set it in the palm of your hand. We recommend against using toothpaste on the aligner. A little hand soap or dish soap is OK, but toothpaste will scratch the surface of the aligner.


Use your wrists in a circular motion to gently scrub the aligner.


Once you have completed the aligner cleaning, rinse the aligner thoroughly and place the aligner back into your mouth.

Invisalign Care is More Than Regular Cleaning

You will need to do more than clean your Invisalign to care for your alignment. Part of aligner treatment involves wearing aligners for 20-22 hours a day. This interval is crucial because wearing your Invisalign will only straighten teeth if your teeth experience consistent force from the aligners.

Many people misplace their aligners because they are so see-through. You can develop new routines to prevent this from happening. For example, it’s a good idea to always put them immediately in their case when not in use. Being mindful of where you place your aligners can help you keep track of them.

When you are away from home, it’s a smart idea to keep three pairs of aligners with you. Aligners can be stored in your backpack, glove box, or purse. 

If your travel plans take you out of town, bring enough spares to cover your current set, previous set, and next set.

Many people make the mistake of thinking their case is hard to lose. But if you ask any current Invisalign user, you will find it’s easy to misplace your case. Prepare for this by buying a spare case ahead of time.

You may find it helpful to prepare a small go-bag with all of your Invisalign essentials in it. This go-bag should include back-up aligners, a spare case, and toothpaste to help alleviate any future stress from losing your aligners away from home.

A Few More Precautions to Keep In Mind During Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign’s aligners are made of a moldable thermoplastic that fits comfortably in your mouth. Because of this, you should be extra careful when drinking hot beverages like tea or coffee. These can distort your aligner and negatively affect your treatment outcomes.  

Doing mini-cleans after every meal can help clear away any unwanted food debris. If you’re away from home — perhaps enjoying a meal out — excuse yourself to the restroom and briefly rinse your aligners. But be careful because overly-hot water may warp your aligner.

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Getting the most out of your Invisalign treatment requires a little bit of time and effort. Regularly cleaning your aligner will help smooth out any bumps in your smile journey. While Invisalign doesn’t limit your diet, being aware of your food choices can improve your results.

At Lazzara Orthodontics, we’re proud to offer Invisalign for people of all ages. Whether you are giving your teen the gift of a radiant smile — or are looking for an adult alignment — we are confident that we can help you find a solution that matches your needs. In addition to offering Invisalign, we are proud to offer traditional braces and clear braces.

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