Types of Braces

Orthodontic Treatment to Suit Your Lifestyle

Dr. Lazzara understands that one of the primary goals of orthodontics for most patients is cosmetic, so we offer a wide range of braces and appliances to meet your needs both before and during treatment!


Invisalign is one of our most popular treatment options because it’s a clear way to straighten teeth without braces. Dr. Lazzara was among the very first Invisalign users in the country, achieving clinical certification in 1999. He is an extremely experienced Invisalign provider and has treated a wide variety of cases in his career. While Invisalign may not be the right choice for every patient, Dr. Lazzara’s thorough understanding of its strengths and weaknesses makes him well qualified to help you decide if it’s the treatment for you. Check out our Invisalign page to learn more about how it works.

Unitek Clarity Advanced

The Unitek Clarity Advanced, flash-free ceramic braces are a cutting edge advancement in the world of ceramic braces. The appliance is coated in rhodium, which makes them much less noticable in the mouth. This type of appliance is available at the patients discretion.

Radiance Esthetic Braces

Dr. Lazzara is pleased to offer his patients the most technologically advanced clear braces available on the market today. Every Radiance bracket is a polished jewel, made from a single crystal of pure grown sapphire, the second hardest mineral known to man. Each crystal is honed and then heat polished into a superbly smooth, incredibly clear, and astoundingly strong bracket. Once bonded, Radiance is nearly invisible on the tooth.